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members of the city team including the city manager at a council meeting

Following the announcement by Arvada City Manager Mark Deven that he will be retiring in October 2022, the City of Arvada is beginning the process of recruiting for his replacement. The City will be conducting a national search to fill this very important position.

Reporting to the City Council, the City Manager provides strategic and forward-looking leadership to the entire City team within the five priorities/work systems: Safe Community, Organizational and Service Effectiveness, Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods, Community and Economic Development and Infrastructure to ensure appropriate and effective resource allocation supporting the Council Strategic Plan(External link).

The City team invited residents to weigh in on the characteristics they would like to see in the next City Manager and to suggest interview questions.

The City team will provide your feedback to City Council for their consideration during the interview process.

There will be additional opportunities to meet finalists and then the new City Manager. 


Question title

What question would you ask?

What question would you ask a prospective City Manager in an interview? Share your ideas here. You can also "like" other community members' ideas if you share their perspective. The City team will share a selection of resident submitted questions with City Council for their consideration in planning finalist interviews.

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Question title

Top characteristics for a City Manager

The City team is interested in learning about the community's perspective for what to look for in our next City Manager. In this survey, we ask for community members to rate the importance of a variety of characteristics. The City team will provide City Council with survey data to help inform their interview process.

Application period open

Applications were accepted for the City Manager position.

Application period closed

Finalists were interviewed

Finalists were interviewed.

Final selection was announced

City Council announced their selection.

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