In coordination with the Leyden Rock Metro District, the City of Arvada has partnered with Stantec Consulting to conduct an Emergency Preparedness Study (EPS) on Leyden neighborhood's existing conditions and areas for opportunities.

The study will be conducted through September 2023 and will result in a final report that 1) documents all analyses performed, 2) provides a roadmap for transportation and emergency management teams, and 3) ultimately aligns recommendations for adoption by the broader Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and Comprehensive Plan Updates.

The final report will include:

  • Recommendations for the transportation network
  • Identification of gaps in plans and evacuation preparedness
  • Recommendations for communication and emergency responders

Project Update

The project was initiated in May 2023 with public outreach to gather input from the community. On June 1, 2023, the project team, including Arvada Fire Protection District (AFPD), Arvada Police Department (PD), and City leadership, held a public gathering at Westwoods Elementary to share the study scope and capture any additional public feedback. The project team also advertised AFPD’s community meetings (June 10th and June 13th) at the Arvada Fire Training Facility to support property and community fire protection strategies.

Following the meetings, workshops, listening sessions and survey, the project team met with the Leyden Metro District to present the information and the study methodology. In September 2023, the project team used industry standards for disaster mitigation and transportation analysis to present short-term and long-term recommendations at a second public meeting. Video recordings of each meeting can be viewed using the links provided in the project timeline.

The feasibility analysis associated with short and long-term recommendations in the study is complete. The findings were presdented to the Leyden Rock Metro District at the Board's January meeting. The study results identify the most effective solutions - as vetted by the Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency Manager, Communication Manager, and Public Works Department - to address emergency preparedness and response for the Leyden neighborhood. The third and final meeting will be an open house style event to present the study results and share project information.

Feedback on emergency preparedness in Leyden Rock

To inform the EPS study, we asked for your concerns, emergency preparation efforts and how the City can better help you prepare for emergency situations and evacuation readiness. The survey closed on May 21, 2023.

Opportunities for engagement

Survey period

Online survey available until May 21, 2023.

June 1, 2023: Meeting #1

Meeting #1: Hazards and Challenges

View meeting information courtesy of Chris Woodley.


September 6, 2023: Meeting #2

Meeting #2: Short-term recommendations

View meeting information courtesy of Chis Woodley.

February 28, 2024: Meeting #3

Meeting #3: Long-term recommendations.

View the meeting information or watch a meeting interview courtesy of Chris Woodley.

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