Standley Lake Library Trailhead

The City is building a trailhead at Standley Lake Library to connect to the Rocky Mountain Greenway
The City of Arvada is working in collaboration with Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) on a project to build the only trailhead serving the Rocky Mountain Greenway (RMG) within the City of Arvada on JCPL property. The RMG vision is a system of uninterrupted trails linking the three Metro area National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs): Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, Two Ponds NWR, and Rocky Flats NWR. Beyond the Metro area, the broader vision is to extend this Greenway Trail to Rocky Mountain National Park. When complete, the Greenway Trail will link thousands of acres of public lands together. The trailhead in Arvada will provide universal access from Standley Lake Library, existing parking area, and Kipling Street to a central public trailhead. From this hub, multiple new ADA-accessible routes will lead to the RMG.

Take our survey and let us know what draft design concept you'd prefer for the trailhead, and leave your comments for us
Weigh in on what you'd like the trailhead to look like! Take our quick survey below and let us know which of the two draft concepts you prefer and share your comments. Visit the City of Arvada website(External link) for project updates.

Question title

Which draft design concept would you like to see our team develop further?

*Please keep in mind that these designs are still conceptual ideas, and they may change as the design is developed further.

Images of the draft concept designs that you can magnify in size are located in the survey.

Some Design Concept 1 Canal System-Themed Highlights:

- 2 path connections to the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail

- The southern path is attached to the parking lot

Some Design Concept 2 Eagle-Themed Highlights:

- 1 path connection to the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail

- A path connection to a residential neighborhood

- The southern path is detached from the parking lot

Design highlights that both concepts have:

- A gathering area

- An ADA path connection to the Standley Lake Library

- A buffer area that creates room for additional parking if required

Consultation has concluded.

Closed for Comments



Online community survey/input on two trailhead concept design through Speak Up Arvada - July 8 through Aug. 1, 2022

Open House at Standley Lake Library - July 14, 2022

Final Design Refinement - Fall 2022

Purchasing/Contracts - Winter 2022/Spring 2023

Construction of final design begins - Spring/Summer 2023



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Darin Delay

Parks and Urban Design Manager

City of Arvada

Phone: 720-898-7291


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