Majestic View Exhibit Updates

Majestic View Nature Center is going to install new exhibits for its 20th anniversary
In 2022, Majestic View Nature Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary by connecting our community with Arvada's park, trails, pollinators and neighbors. To help foster more inclusive and interpretive connections with nature, the Nature Center is updating exhibits and displays to be more interactive and to tell immersive stories as you travel through the exhibits.

Thank you for sharing your preferences on which exhibits we should pick!
As the Nature Center begins updates, we wanted to know what would be most interesting to you. Exhibits can be expensive, so knowing the areas that matter most to visitors helps us determine which projects to begin updating first. Not all exhibits can be updated this year, but new exhibits, animal ambassadors, and activities will appear throughout the year as the Nature Center continues innovating educational experiences and interpretive opportunities. 

Thank you to respondents for sharing your preferences with us, and telling us what YOU would like to see come to the Nature Center next! The Majestic View Nature Center will be reviewing your feedback and using it to inform which exhibits to prioritize. 

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Which exhibits would you most like to see?

Select your top 3 choices to help us decide which new exhibits to install!

Key Dates


Earth Day Celebrations

April 23 2022

Arvada Trails Day

June 04 2022

Pollinator Garden Tour

June 18 2022

Anniversary Celebrations

August 06 2022

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Under Review

Contributions to this survey are closed for evaluation and review. The project team will review, the begin planning and implementation for highest priority exhibit areas in 2022. 


New Exhibits Are Added

The new exhibit areas are open at the Nature Center. Exhibit areas not prioritized for 2022 will be considered for the 2023 exhibit updates. 

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